About us

Christoph Zaborowski

Dr. Christoph Zaborowski

1968, Zurich
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Holder of this function since 01.09.2016


Dr. oec. publ. (University of Zurich),
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (University of Constance)

Professional activity

Since 2015 Majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board of REFL Invest AG
2003 – 2014 Partner at Wüest Partner
1999 – 2003 employee at Wüest Partner
1994 – 1999 Teaching Assistant at the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics at the University of Zurich

Key competencies

Strategy development, real estate market, real estate valuation, data analysis, research, risk analysis

Other mandates

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BS2 AG, Member of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Fund Management AG, Vice Chairman of the Investment Committee of Steiner Investment Foundation, Member of the Real Estate Committee, Lonza Pension Fund

Peter Wullschleger

Peter Wullschleger

1965, Zofingen
Member and Delegate of the Board of Directors
Holder of this function since 01.09.2016


Swiss Certified Accountant (1989-1992, Swiss Association of Commercial Employees, Zurich)

Professional activity

1999 – 2014 Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Swiss Prime Site AG
1994 – 2012 Managing Director, Head of Finance & Controlling at Real Estate Asset Management Switzerland, Credit Suisse AG, Zurich
1985 – 1994 Group Head of Financial Accounting, DEVO AG, Olten (public limited company for real estate funds belonging to the former Swiss Volksbank)

Key competencies

Finance and accounting, controlling, tax, compliance, capital market, financing and lending, M&A, real estate market, rental law, CISA (Collective Investment Schemes Act), asset management

Other mandates

Trustee of the pension fund of the town of Olten, Member of the Board of Directors of Plusimmo AG, Schaffhausen and Immonio AG, Schaffhausen

Anja Meyer

Anja Meyer

1967, Lucerne
Member of the Board of Directors
Holder of this function since 01.09.2016


Graduate, Swiss Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen

Professional activity

2009 – 2017 Proprietor and Delegate of the Board of Directors of smeyers Holding AG.
2002 – 2009 Head of Marketing and Member of the Executive Board of Serimo Immobiliendienste AG.
1995 – 2002 Business Development Director for Switzerland and Austria of REGUS Plc.
1992 – 1995 Sales Director Quail Ridge Development, FLA.
1988 – 1992 Office Manager APAX Partners.

Key competencies

Sales, acquisition (due diligence), marketing and positioning of real estate investments. Real estate consulting in the SME environment. Corporate and real estate transactions. Management and development.

Other mandates

Board of Directors of Soluma AG and smeyers Holding AG

Patrick Meyer

Patrick Meyer

1964, Lucerne
Member of the Board of Directors
Holder of this function since 01.09.2016


Degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich / MBA

Professional activity

Since 2008 Corporate Development and Production, AM Surface GmbH
Since 2006 Project Manager and Test Manager for Software Projects, Patrick Meyer Consulting & Engineering GmbH
2001 – 2006 Operations Manager for Automotive, Sarnamotive Schweiz AG
1999 – 2001 Project Manager for Plant Construction, Sibos AG
until 1999 Project Manager in Steel and Plant Construction, Josef Meyer Stahl & Metall AG

Key competencies

Project management, specification and test management, development management, innovation coaching

Andreas Ammann

Andreas Ammann

1968, Oberrieden
Member of the Board of Directors
Holder of this function since 29.06.2017


Dipl. Architect ETH

Professional activity

Since 2017 Member of the Board of Directors, Wüest Partner AG.
2010 – 2017 Chief Executive Officer, Wüest Partner AG
Since 2003 partner and shareholder, Wüest Partner AG.
Since 1999 employee, Wüest Partner AG
previously employed as an architect in various architects’ practices; during time as a student, various internships both in Switzerland and abroad, as well as work as Auxiliary Assistant at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (GTA) of ETH Zurich

Key competencies

Strategy development and company management, key account management and project management, real estate market, analysis and valuation of properties and portfolios, real estate strategy, valuation methods, processes and software

Other mandates

Member of the Board of Directors of Datahouse AG, member of the specialist advisory body CC Immobilienmanagement and lecturer at Zug Institute for Financial Services (IFZ) of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, lecturer on Real Estate Valuation at Curem - University of Zurich, FINMA Accredited Valuation Expert for various Swiss real estate funds, member of the Property Tax Committee of the Municipality of Oberrieden, member of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), various presentations and publications on the real estate market and real estate valuation

Andreas Keller

Andreas Keller

1972, Zurich
Member of the Executive Board
Holder of this function since 29.06.2017


MBA in Management, Technology and Economics (ETH Zurich), Higher Certificate of Teacher Training (ETH Zurich), Exchange Studies in Java Programming, Visualizing Information, Statistics (Harvard University Cambridge MA, USA), Master of Science in Architecture (ETH Zurich)

Professional activity

Since 2014 Partner of Wüest Partner AG
since 2005 founder and CEO of Datahouse AG
2002 – 2004 research activity at ETH Zurich
1999 – 2001 Member of Middle Management, Credit Suisse E-Business

Key competencies

Digitalisation, innovation, technology, data analysis


Deal Estate AG is one of the leading providers in the area of digital real estate transaction platforms for real estate investors, brokers and owners of real estate not used for private purposes. Its web-based application is based on the very latest technology and covers all aspects of professional real estate trading. State-of-the-art tools are used in the area of data security and data protection. Deal Estate stands out thanks to its highly experienced management team, impressive innovative strength, and great flexibility.


As a leading provider in the area of digital real estate transaction platforms, we create added value and shape development and digitalisation in a sustainable way – as well as with innovation and passion.


We set new standards when it comes to executing real estate transactions (i.e. trading) in a process-driven way, thereby creating sustainable added value for our stakeholder groups. We continuously invest in the further development and optimisation of our application in the interests of our stakeholder groups. We are committed to sustainability, and assume responsibility for our actions, our environment, and our society.


Deal Estate sets the greatest store by a corporate culture that is truly practised as well as by employees with integrity. All our employees are required to adhere to the desired standards of conduct – day in, day out. Our code of conduct accordingly sets out clear principles, and serves as a point of orientation in the daily working environment.


  • We treat everyone with respect; the individual is always the focus.
  • We treat each other with respect. Our understanding of management is based on mutual trust. Trust in turn requires us to demonstrate predictability and fairness – to and between each other.
  • We appreciate each individual person and their achievements – yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • We create a working environment based on consideration, fairness and recognition.
  • We communicate with one another. We give and receive feedback, and improve continuously as a result.
  • We support others, encourage them, and respect constructive criticism.
  • We support and promote diversity – of people, opinions and experiences.

  • We aim high; our ambition is to improve ourselves continuously.
  • We set challenging targets and rise to them with passion.
  • We set about our tasks with total dedication and take responsibility for the results of our work.
  • We create added value for our stakeholder groups through our work.
  • The success of the company means a great deal to us, and we put everything into achieving it.

  • We are committed to innovation; our future depends on our ability to develop further.
  • We promote and encourage innovation, pursue new avenues, and continuously develop.
  • We dedicate ourselves to sustainable and innovative services – day in, day out.
  • We bundle the expertise of our employees in order to facilitate innovation in all areas.
  • We promote the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and creativity at all levels.
  • We set new standards in our business environment.

  • We actively take  responsibility and stand by it; we lead by example.
  • We act responsibly in the interests of our company, taking into account the repercussions of our actions for society and the environment.
  • We adhere strictly to our rigorous compliance standards.
  • We are all role models.
  • We show solidarity towards one another in the interests of the company – team spirit is crucial.
  • We strive to achieve sustainable success by providing our staff with targeted development and support.
  • We set great store by the health and safety of our employees.

  • We place integrity at the heart of our activities.
  • We do what we say, and we deliver on what we promise.
  • Not only do we comply with the law and our internal regulations, we also act according to clear principles and a shared understanding of values.
  • We ensure implementation of / adherence to our values and guidelines through management and regulation systems.
  • We communicate transparently with our stakeholder groups.
  • We never misrepresent anyone and are vehemently opposed to reputational slurs.
  • We are authentic and reliable.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is based on our corporate mission statement and is geared around our principles, which are expressed through specific rules and standards.

Our principles
Our principles form the basis for our daily conduct and therefore for the long-term success of our company:

  1. We act in accordance with the law.
  2. We treat each other with consideration and respect.
  3. We are mindful of our property and the protection of confidential and personal data.
  4. We have clear rules for dealing with conflicts of interests.

Below we express our principles through specific regulations and standards, which help us to understand how we should behave in difficult and complex situations.

Scope of application
This code of conduct is binding for all employees of Deal Estate AG. It sets out the behaviour that is expected from all employees. Every employee is obliged to adhere to these principles and to take them into account during their day-to-day work.
Management is responsible for leading by example and thereby impressing on employees the significance and importance of the code of conduct.

Weighing up actions
In all our activities, we have to carefully and proactively weigh up whether the planned approach is in harmony with laws, regulations and internal policies.
We want to avoid not just actual misconduct, but also anything that might look like non-compliant behaviour. We can use the following questions as a point of reference if we are uncertain as to whether a certain course of action is appropriate in a given situation:

  • Are there any laws or other regulations that cover this situation and require us to behave in a certain way?
  • Am I looking at the situation objectively and independently, or am I compromised or influenced in my view of it?
  • How would I feel if my actions were the focus of newspaper headlines the next day?
  • What is motivating me and other involved parties to prefer this particular course of action?
  • If my conduct were to be made public, might it give the appearance of being unlawful?

1We act in accordance with the law

Compliance with laws
We manage our company in accordance with Swiss law. We have implemented various policies which are designed to help us recognise our legal obligations and act in accordance with these. We all have a personal obligation to ensure we are familiar with the relevant legislation and adhere to it in our day-to-day work.

We believe that free and open competition leads to high-quality products and services. We prohibit actions that restrict competition, e.g. colluding with competitors with respect to pricing, costs or clients, and we treat our competitors fairly.

Money laundering
Money laundering means using legal transactions to conceal funds that have been obtained through criminal activity. We do not tolerate money laundering. For us, this means having to be familiar with the nature of the commercial activity of our (potential) business partners when undertaking any transaction. In order to recognise, avoid and report any such (potential) money laundering activities, we have to know where the funds in question originate, who the owner is, and what the underlying purpose of the transaction is.

Bribery and corruption
Bribery means offering, paying, demanding or accepting payments, gifts or favours in order to influence the execution or outcome of a transaction to an impermissible degree. This activity extends to the bribery and corruption of public officials, as well as bribery and corruption activity in the private sector.

We condemn any form of corruption and bribery, promote a culture of combating fraud and pursue a zero-tolerance approach in this respect. We neither offer nor authorise corruption and bribery payments, nor do we request or accept these from third parties.

2We treat each other with consideration and respect.

Dealing with other people openly and respectfully is a fundamental part of successful collaboration.

We do not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour, particularly on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age. We ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

We do not tolerate any violations of an individual’s personal dignity or any discriminatory actions.

In other words, we treat all our fellow beings – both within Deal Estate and externally – with consideration, respect and fairness, while discriminating against no one.

Equality of opportunity
We offer equal opportunities to all employees, e.g. in respect of recruitment, staff evaluations, further training opportunities and promotions. We make personnel decisions solely on the basis of the requirements of the position in question and the qualifications of the applicant. We remunerate all our employees fairly and in keeping with the performance principle.

In the case of personnel decisions (e.g. recruitment, performance evaluations, disciplinary measures, compensation), we are guided solely by the qualifications, aptitude and performance of the individual in question in view of the requirements of the relevant position, and by commercial considerations.

Workplace health and safety
All employees have the right to work in a safe and appropriate environment. We ensure a safe workplace and protect the health of our employees.

Our employees may not consume alcohol or drugs during their working hours. On important occasions (e.g. meetings of senior bodies, meals with clients, social events, etc.), a moderate amount of alcohol may be appropriate, as long as the safety of employees and their ability to conduct themselves effectively is in no way impaired.

Taking into consideration the current and future requirements of society, the economy and the environment is of great importance to us. We are aware of this responsibility and view it as a fundamental prerequisite for our long-term business success.

We strive to ensure the use of environmentally-friendly technologies, renewable energies and sustainable concepts.

When collaborating with suppliers, we pay attention to competence, quality and sustainability. All suppliers and service providers must take a responsible approach to environmental and social aspects in their commercial dealings with us.

3We are mindful of our property and the protection of confidential and personal data.

Company property
Each one of us is responsible for protecting the property of Deal Estate. This includes materials, goods, money, fittings, vehicles and hardware, etc., as well as intellectual property such as expertise, data, brands and patents.

Protection of personal data
We respect the personal rights of our employees, clients and third parties, and treat personal data confidentially. We ensure that we only collect the personal data that we actually need. In the case of employees, this includes data such as name, address, date of birth, gender, years of service, and the account data relevant for purposes of salary payments and social security contributions.

We ensure that this personal data is solely viewed and processed by a few authorised employees. We protect the personal data of employees against any unauthorised third-party access.

Protection of confidential data
Through our commercial activities, we gain access to both internal and external information. We must always assume that the information provided to us is of a confidential nature (e.g. client data, personal data, business-relevant information, etc.). We are obliged to handle this data with care and only use it for the original purpose for which it was intended. We protect data against access from unauthorised parties.

Copyright and patent rights
We respect copyright and patent rights. Inventions and designs created by employees when performing their work and in fulfilment of a contractual obligation, as well as inventions and designs to which they have contributed, shall become the property of Deal Estate.

4We have clear rules for dealing with conflicts of interests.

Conflicts of interests
A conflict of interests refers to a situation in which private relationships, external activities, or the interests of other companies close to Deal Estate can potentially affect our decisions.

For all employees, situations that could lead to a conflict of interests must be avoided.

Restricted exchange of information (“Chinese walls”)
As part of our entrepreneurial activity, we may receive confidential information that could be of interest to other areas or external stakeholder groups.

In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we ensure that there is no exchange of information between the areas in question and employees in respect of this confidential information (known as “Chinese walls”). We only assign employees who are free of conflicts of interests to the corresponding projects and areas. We ensure the strict segregation and protected dissemination of the corresponding sensitive information.

Activities outside of Deal Estate
We devote our working hours to the success of Deal Estate. Other activities may not be pursued to the detriment of the interests of Deal Estate. Before accepting any other secondary activities, mandates, public positions, or tasks in professional organisations, an employee must carefully weigh up whether there could be a potential conflict of interests in respect of their work for Deal Estate.